Full Service Grooming

Grooming Services are provided by our highly skilled groomer Brittany. With over 10 years of professional grooming experience she can get any pup looking great! Grooming appointments fill up fast so call us today! 910-703-PAWS


Grooming services are available Tuesday afternoons (1:30pm) and Saturday mornings (8am). Large dog appointments are only available on Saturdays. Please allow for a minimum of 4 hours for any full service groom appointment. Deposits are required to schedule a grooming appointment. **Please note that Brittany is not accepting any new standard poodles or doodles due to current time constraints.**

Spa Services

We offer the following bathing services:

Woof Wash - a simple shampoo and blow dry

Spa Bath - shampoo, conditioning treatment, ear cleaning, nail trim or dremel, blow dry and thorough brush out

Furminator Deshedding Service (available as an add-on to a spa bath)

Nail Trim or Nail Dremel

Blueberry Facial (available as an add-on to a woof wash or spa bath)

and much more!

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Regular Bathing Services are performed by our trained staff members seven days a week depending on availability.

Bath Dog